Riverdale South Side Serpents Lanyard

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If you’re looking for licensed Riverdale merchandise, you’ve come to the right place! This unique Riverdale lanyard celebrates the hit CW TV series that incorporates the classic Archie comics characters into a live action show with a darker theme. The Southside Serpents (often referred to as just Serpents) are a gang who predominantly reside on the south side of Riverdale run by Jughead's father, FP Jones.

This nylon lanyard has 2-sided design with South Side Serpents logos on one side and South Side Serpents lettering on the opposite side. It has a classic lobster clasp to hold your badges, ID's or even to hook your keychain as a key lanyard. It features a breakaway clasp at neck and a unique collectible sticker that features a South Side Serpents Double Headed Snake. Attached is a 2" metal Serpents pendant.

  • 2-sided nylon lanyard
  • Lobster clasp to attach to your keys
  • Comes with a Serpents pendant and a collectible sticker

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