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PRE-ORDER Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Costume Acrylic Keychain

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Rei Hino (called Raye Hino in the original English dub) is an elegant fourteen-year-old miko (shrine maiden). Because of her work as a Shinto priestess, Rei has limited precognition and can dispel or nullify evil using special ofuda scrolls, even in her civilian form. She transforms into Sailor Mars, the Guardian of Fire and Passion. She is very serious and focused, and easily becomes annoyed by Usagi's laziness, although she cares about her very much. In the anime adaptation, Rei is portrayed as boy-crazy and short-tempered, while in the manga and live-action series she is depicted as uninterested in romance and more self-controlled. She attends a private Catholic school separate from the other girls.

Keep your favorite Sailor Senshi with you at all times with this acrylic keychain. Made of durable and lightweight materials, this keychain is perfect for adding to your ITA bag, your keys, or hanging off your favorite lunch bag. Featuring a likeness of your favorite Sailor Senshi's costume, this keychain is perfect for a gift or a treat to keep for yourself! 

  • Made of lightweight, durable acrylic
  • Measures about 2.5" tall

Note: This item is a pre-order item, which means it is not currently in stock in my store. Once you have placed your order, I will order this item from my supplier and then ship it to you once I have received it. Only one piece is required for a minimum order from my supplier, so once you have placed your order I can immediately order from my supplier and limit the time it takes to get to you. Please send me a message if you have any questions about this process. 

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