If you have a question regarding The Geekery or your order, this is a good place to start. If these don't answer your questions, please email me and we can get your situation sorted promptly. 

Where is The Geekery located? 

The Geekery is located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. At the moment the store is only located online, but when we are not in a global pandemic, I attend lots of markets, conventions, and trade shows on Vancouver Island and on Mainland BC

Where does The Geekery ship to? 

We proudly ship our products worldwide. 

What is the main shipping method used?

I ship all packages through Canada Post, using standard postage rates unless otherwise specified. 

How much does shipping cost?

It is hard to quote exactly what the shipping will be ahead of time, but for lighter items it will usually be less than $10. For bulkier packages, it will depend on the size of box required as well as the overall weight. I always choose the least expensive option possible while making sure the package is covered and tracked whenever possible (international tracking is extremely expensive, so it is rarely used unless specifically required. 

Why do you have so many pre-order items?

Excellent question! Running a small business is expensive, and because I cannot attend conventions and trade shows right now, the cost of purchasing stock and having it sit around is too high for me to handle, so I have come up with an intermediate solution: pre-orders! This means I can offer the same great products that you could get in my store usually, but I can offer even more items because I don't physically have the inventory sitting in my space. I can order the items from my suppliers when you place your order, and have just a few items on hand for quick ready-to-ship orders. This also allows me to offer a greater range of products because if an item is not popular, I haven't lost any money by offering it for sale! 

In the future, I will have a few pre-orders still available but more products will be available right away from my website. Mainly the larger and more expensive items will be pre-orders, as they are not as popular and I do not want large quantities of inventory sitting around for my cat to play with. 

What if I want to return my item? 

If you want to return your item, please contact me immediately so that I can begin the return process. If the item is being returned because it is damaged, please see below. If you have changed your mind or the item is not what you wanted, please ship it back to my address and as soon as the item has arrived back I will refund you the original purchase price. Shipping is non-refundable. 

Returns must be done within 30 days of receiving the product. Since shipping can take a while depending on the location, once you have informed me that you have the item but want to return it, as long as the item has been shipped out within those 30 days, even if it arrives here after that, the return will still be valid. 

My item arrived broken, what now?

Oh no, that's terrible! As soon as you realize the item is broken, please send me an email and attach a picture of the broken item. If you are unable to take a photo of the item, then I will require the item mailed back so I can assess the damage before processing a return. 

Once an item has been confirmed as damaged, two options are available: 1) a full refund of the purchase price (not including the shipping cost), or 2) a replacement item will be sent out immediately. 

I love my item, where can I show my appreciation?

Reviews can be left on my Facebook page, as well as posts on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #thegeekery and tag @thegeekery1. I love seeing your posts so you can always tag me if you see something you want me to sell or see. 

Advertising, Sponsorship, Subscription Boxes, and More

Do you have a nerdy blog/YouTube/instagram page/general following and you are looking for companies to sponsor you or send you items to promote? Send me an email and we can talk about potential opportunities for the both of us! 

If you are the brains behind a subscription box service or know of a cool one that might want more geeky products, let me know and we can talk! My email is thegeekery1@gmail.com <-- it links straight to my personal email so I get them lickity split! 




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