About Us

Hi, my name is Katrina and welcome to The Geekery, your one-stop shop for all things nerdy and fun. The Geekery started as a way to offer multiple fandoms in one place, through both cute and practical items for your home and everyday life. 

The Geekery is a one-woman show, run by the pink-haired weirdo named Katrina! I have a bad habit of going back and forth between "we" and "I" on the website, but if you have any questions, I am the one to contact! 

I started The Geekery because I loved the idea of being my own boss and wanted to create something that would be my dream, and I love nerdy things! Connect the dots, and boom: The Geekery is born! My favorite fandoms are Supernatural and My Little Pony, but I am always up for a conversation about Doctor Who, Marvel movies, Harry Potter, and more! I try my best to offer a wide-range of products, and I am always open to suggestions, especially on the anime front. My knowledge of anime is minuscule compared to other geek things. 

If you have shopped at The Geekery prior to the mini-hiatus of November 2019 to July 2020, you may remember that I used to sell cheaper items and have more selection of small plush and other items. I used to offer a mixture of knock-off products as well as licensed goods, but I struggled with that morally. I know that a large company is not likely to be interested in my small business to send me legal action, and that my products were not hurting their profits in any way, but I still felt guilty about it. I was always honest with customers, and I continue to be honest with customers, which is why I am proud to say that as of re-opening The Geekery in July 2020, all of my products are 100% licensed!

I have also decided that in light of JK Rowling's statements about Trans people, that after the current Harry Potter items I have in stock sell out, I will not be ordering more Harry Potter items. As big of a fandom as Harry Potter is, and as much as I want to supply nerds with HP merchandise, I am uncomfortable offering licensed items that will continue to support her financially. In the future, I may offer fan-made items from other artists or through collaborations that are Harry Potter themes, but at this time I have a few Harry Potter items and then I will not be selling them for a while. 

I am always open to suggestions for fandoms and ideas for products, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I am always adding to the store and improving, but I only know so many fandoms and always appreciate ideas. 



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