Why Can't I Be Naked? - A Story About Clothing, Comfort, and Being Plus-Sized in The Modern World

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Welcome to my latest blob, today's topic is: Why Can't I Be Naked?

As a preface, I am a plus-sized, white, cisgender woman who lives in North America. My perspective in this blob comes has those filters attached to it, and therefore I may not touch on difficulties that trans and people of color may have when it comes to finding clothing that fits them. Please keep this in mind as you read this blob. 

This blob started when I was scheduling a post for my Instagram account (@thegeekery1, if you're interested) about loungewear. I recently purchased my first few pieces of loungewear that were actually intended to be worn around the house as comfortable pieces, not just items that I found in the back of my closet. 

I have never really purchased clothing that was just meant to be comfortable before, shocker, I know. It's always been "work appropriate clothing" or "school appropriate clothing" that wears out and becomes "only wear this around the house" clothing, but actually buying some items that are meant solely for being comfortable is amazing. 

As a plus-sized woman, clothing is usually the bane of my existence. Even before COVID, buying clothing that fit and looked good was difficult, and now I have to rely on online shopping which adds so many more layers of difficulty.

My body does not fit into the standard "plus size" shape, which is typically large hips, large breasts, and a fairly slim waist in comparison. I carry the majority of my weight in my stomach and hips, and I have relatively small breasts so I tend to size up my shirts to cover my belly, which usually means they are overwhelmingly baggy on my chest. I am learning to love myself and how my body works and looks, but trying to dress it everyday when options are already so limited it tough.

Most times, I have to decide if I want my clothing to be: 

1) Comfortable

2) Affordable

3) Properly-fitting

4) My style

I consider it a win if I can find items that fit two of these categories, and the idea of getting more than two? Laughable, at best. 

 So why can't I just be naked? It seems like a simple solution to the problem. If I don't have to wear clothing, then clothing cannot be a problem for me. 

Unfortunately, that brings in a whole other slew of problems, including but not limited to: chafing, public nudity citations, the potential to catch COVID-19 from more than just touching my face, and being perpetually cold.

Sure, I could just rock the nudity at home, but have you ever sat on a wooden or plastic chair with shorts on in the summer and then tried to peel yourself off afterwards? Imagine that on some much higher bits and that is enough to make me suffer with pants, at the least. 

Okay, so let's just wear pants. That's a reasonable option. 


I am sitting here trying to come up with an argument to negate the pants-only plan, and aside from my hands being cold from typing, I am not seeing a downside. Although, I suppose my arms and chest would be cold if I wasn't wearing a thick and warm sweater... Okay, so we need to wear shirts too. 

Scratch that, we don't need to wear shirts, but I think I will continue to do so. I have finally found some clothing that is comfortable and makes me feel good in it, and that's all I can really ask for a piece of fabric that has been stitched together in a specific way. 

Will every item of clothing I own be comfortable, stylish, and affordable? No, but at this point in time I will take warm and comfortable, and the rest will have to wait. 

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