How to Find the Perfect Nerdy Gift for Him, Her, Them, and Yourself (The Geekery Makes it Easy!)

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Picture this - it's a windy, gray afternoon, raindrops are threatening to peek through the cloudy skies, and yet you are outside, walking around downtown. You're in your least comfortable shoes because you only had time after work or on your lunch break to look around, so pinched toes ended up being the least of your worries. You walk from store to store, trying to find a gift for an occasion that is coming up quicker than you thought possible. 

It isn't that you don't love the person - it's that what they like is hard to find. Maybe they are a fan of an obscure anime, or perhaps you live in a city without a predominant nerd culture (I am so sorry, I send you virtual hugs to cope). Whatever the reason, stores just don't seem to carry items that your loved one enjoys. 

This is why The Geekery was born. Created to fill the void between the vast array of fandoms and the inability for most stores to carry a wide selection of products, The Geekery offers shoppers a range of fandoms (including Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Batman, Once Upon a Time, One Piece, My Neighbor Totoro, and much more) in a variety of different products (Wallets, keychains, jewelry, stuffed animals, water bottles, purses, and more). 

With expedited shipping options and 24 hour availability, you can relax and shop from the comfort of your house, knowing that you will find the right thing for that special someone without having to run all over town for it. We highly recommend ordering items while in your underwear, something about the extra layer of privacy makes underwear-shopping fun (or maybe that is just us... moving on.)

Based out of British Columbia, Canada, we offer worldwide shipping, typically ranging from $10-15 an order. Of course, it all depends on the products and quantity you purchase, so please check the calculated shipping at the check out page for more accurate shipping charges. Shipping is based on box size and maximum weight of the package, so if you are looking at smaller items it is highly recommended you purchase more than one at a time to save on shipping costs. Want to get the Sailor Moon toque for your girlfriend? Eying up the Pokemon socks for your nephew? Rather than wait and pay extra shipping, combine your order and save! 

Of course, if you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase, we do offer returns and exchanges. Please send us a message if you have concerns about your purchase and we will get back to you within 1 business day, but likely within a couple of hours. 

Thank you for stopping by The Geekery, and we hope you have a spectacularly nerdy day! 

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