Harry Potter and the Transphobic Author - A Discussion about J.K. Rowling

Posted by Katrina Darwin on

⚡We need to talk about JK Rowling and how damaging her transphobia is to the nerd community. ⚡
I am coming into this discussion as a cis-gender, straight, white woman, and I am aware I have many privileges in being able to have this conversation without fear of outing myself or being a target for hate crimes. I am also coming into this discussion as a business owner who cares about the safety and well-being of her customers and the general public.

I will no longer be supporting JK Rowling and her transphobic views by offering licensed Harry Potter merch in my shop. I have a few items that have already been purchased and, but after those have sold I will not restock any licensed Harry Potter merchandise. I will be immediately removing any Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts pre-order items to ensure no further revenue goes to JK Rowling from my brand.

I do believe that Harry Potter now belongs to the fandom and it is no longer something that JK Rowling owns in general, and I can support the fandom in that way. In order to continue to offer adorable merchandise that people can enjoy without supporting JK's views, I will have unlicensed Harry Potter items available in my shop. This collection will be the only unlicensed products, and the purpose of this is to allow fans to still enjoy their adorable products but not feel that their dollars are supporting a disasterous cause.

I do not know the exact conditions of the company I previously (and will for the HP items) ordered my knock-off products from, but based on the quality of the products I have a suspicion that they might be the same or one of the manufacturers that produces the original licensed products. Because of this, I feel comfortable using them as a supplier for my unlicensed Harry Potter items. I want to remain 100% transparent with you, and I think it's important to have this conversation.

I also fully intend to host a Harry Potter themed event in the future, but again I will not offer licensed products and none of the money will go to JK Rowling.
Thank you for listening and supporting my business, and I love and support all of my trans and queer and BIPOC customers/followers.
Love, Katrina ♥


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