Amazing Black-Owned Small Shops To Shop At This February (And Every Other Month!)

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Hello, and welcome to the first of my 2021 gift guides! In celebration of Black History Month, this guide focuses on Black-owned small shops, most of which are nerdy AF (my personal favorite kind of shop). Unlike previous gift guides, I am not putting a certain number of shops in this list because I want to be able to come back to it and expand and add as I find more shops and resources. 
I hope you enjoy this look at some incredible Black-owned small shops, and I hope you are able to support small businesses this month and going forward! Small businesses are so important to the local economy, and supporting BIPOC owned shops is even more important! 
Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses.   
  1. 28th and Moon

  2. A Lethal Weapon Art

  3. Adorned by Chi


    Anxiety and Kimbap
  5. Art by Q-Bii
  6. Asher Bee Shop Pops
  7. Atomize
  8. Big Cat Insignia
  9. Blerd
  10. Bobbie Pins Company
  11. Body Fandom
  12. Book and Reverie 
  13. Bunneh Werkz
  14. Camea's Creation
  15. Candidly Crystal
  16. Chillin In Space
  17. Comic Book Kicks by Key
  18. Creations by JNB
  19. Creative Stitch N Diva
  20. Dragon and Wolf Designs 
  21. DymondNcrustD
  22. Faceless Design Prints
  23. GAMERD By Charmaine
  24. Gaudy Customs
  25.  Givewave Studios
  26. Grandeur Division Shop
  27. Halcyon Lagoon
  28. Happy Monstah
  29. Hard Decora
  30. Heart O The TARDIS
  31. Holobat 
  32. Iconografi
  33. Insomnia Craft Shop
  34. Jasmine's Craft Room
  35. Kentucky Creative Co. 
  36. Kopii Creations
  37. L Shanell Party
  38. LAB Illustration
  39. Lad Co. 
  40. LIPs Domestic
  41. Little Inkplay Shop
  42. Little Shop of Madness 
  43. Love Tee Tee
  44.  Mad Hat Mo
  45. Melbelle Rose Art 
  46. Midi Mayo
  47. MK, A Greeting Card Company
  48. Moonlight Decadence 
  49. My Tangled Chaos
  50. N Sakurai Shoppe
  51. Nchntd Costumes
  52. Nerdy Bae
  53. Nerdy Bit
  54. Oceana Art Designs
  55. Paparazzi Nails 
  56. Partime Works
  57. Patch Party Club
  58. Pin Bae
  59. Pinned By Bee
  60. PupcakesCupcats
  61. Q Made It
  62. Resin Wishes
  63. Rock Your Notebook
  64. Shirt Dots
  65. Sister Sister Pins
  66. Siyo Boutique
  67. Starlight Deco Dream
  68. Sushi You Can Hug
  69. Switch Skin
  70. Tayona's Emporium
  71. Teal TeaCup
  72. The Euphoric TreeFort
  73.  The Quirk Shop
  74. Two Peas In A Pod Creates
  75. Valerie's Via and Inc. 
  76. Your Favorite Pin Pal Shop

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