10 Studio Ghibli Products for the Anime Lover on Your List - Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Studio Ghibli creates movies that are so beautiful and it is so much fun to collect products that feature these Japanese movies. My personal favorite is Kiki's Delivery Service, but this list features a variety of items from a selection of different Ghibli movies, not just my favorite. 

Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses. 

1) Susuwatari Soot Sprite T-Shirt by Em and Sprout

Soot sprites (Susuwatari in Japanese) are the adorable little dust balls that you can see scurrying around the bathhouse in Spirited Away, as well as hiding in the shadows in My Neighbor Totoro. This adorable t-shirt by Em and Sprout features the little cuties, and makes them very wearable (without getting dirt all over your clothes!)

2) Jiji Cage Patch by Dead Cute Pins

If you have ever met me, you know I love Jiji. He is my favorite of all of the anime cats (I even have him tattooed on me). This patch is such a cute rendition of him in his cage and with his bow. 

3) Spooky Glitter Ghibli Stickers by Honey Drip

This featured item is a bit different because all of these stickers are so cute I could not just pick one, so I am linking to all of the stickers, even though they are sold separately. Buy them, buy them all (otherwise I might). 

4) My Grey Friend Amigurumi by Nerdy STUFFed

Never leave home without your trusty friend Totoro with this incredible handcrafted creation. This crochet amigurumi is entirely handmade, making each one a little bit different from the next. All creations from Nerdy STUFFed are made with hypoallergenic materials in a smoke-free home. 

5) The Baron - Ghibli Beast Enamel Pins by Pokopins

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, aka The Baron, works in the Cat Bureau and helps Haru as she is sent to the Cat Kingdom. Fun fact: The Baron originally appeared in Whisper of the Heart, and was such a loved character he returned as a main character in The Cat Returns. This enamel pin represents The Baron in all of his glory, but I have to wonder: will he come to life at night? 

6) Stronger Soot Sprite Enamel Pin by Sugar Nova

These little sprites are here to remind you that you are Stronger Than You Think, and that we can carry more than we realize. You are strong as heck, and these little guys just want you to remember that. 

7) Ghibli Sticker Sheet by Northern Spells

What do you do when you cannot pick just one adorable design to get? Get a sticker sheet! Featuring a variety of Ghibli characters in adorable poses, this sticker sheet is the best way to get a bunch of incredible designs, all in one fell swoop! I'm partial to the "If I fits, I sits" Catbus sticker. 

8) Sophie's Hat Shop Pin by Adam Grey

This beautiful pin features Sophie Hatter-Pendragon from Howl's Moving Castle. Inspired by Sophie's chosen hairstyle and the hat she wears as both a young and old woman, this pin is perfect for Ghibli collectors of all levels. 

9) Bento Friends Vinyl Sticker by Katnip Doodles

All of your favorite characters from Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro (plus a stray Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle) are all in one place with this adorable Bento Friends sticker. Featuring the most popular characters, as well as a few supporting characters, this sticker is perfect for fans of all ages! 

10) Calcifer "May All Your Bacon Burn" Sticker by Very Pinteresting Shop

Uh oh, what did you do to irritate this adorable little fire demon? This sticker features a mischievous Calcifer, who is hoping all of your bacon will burn (sob, the worst). This shop listing also features a sweet Calcifer, but I thought the naughty one was a bit cuter. 

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