10 Awesome 90's Cartoon Themed Gifts for The Nerd on Your List - Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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All of the incredible 90's cartoons that I grew up with are slowly coming back into style, so this gift guide is dedicated to all things Rugrats, Care Bears, Nickelodeon, and more! 

Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses. 

1) Love-A-Lot Bear Enamel Pin by Erstwilder

Care Bears are one of the cutest cartoons that I grew up with, and so did many other 90's kids. It's been super cool to see them making a comeback in recent years, and this pin is one of the cute things that have come from this recent surge in popularity. Erstwilder also has other Care Bears pins, so make sure you check them out! 

2) Neopets Paintbrush Pins by Kaiyoclubhouse

If you didn't get the chance to play Neopets as a kid, you certainly are missing out. This super cute game is making a comeback, at least in the pin community, as shown by these adorable paintbrush pins from Kaiyoclubhouse. She has lots of different varieties, so make sure you click the link and check them all out! 

3) 90's Cartoon Tote Bag by The Geeky Knot

Keep all of your stuff in one place with this adorable tote bag, made with fabric inspired by Rocco's Modern Life. This bag is the perfect size for taking shopping or out on a day around town (what even are those anymore?)

4) Magical as Heck Enamel Pin by Jushmu

The 90's were the beginning of the Magical Girl/Boy craze, and that has been standing strong since the creation of such animes as Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. This pin is a great representation of all Magical people, without being from a specific fandom. 

5) Fight Me Spinelli Enamel Pin by Dill Pickle Doodles

Ahh, good ol' Recess. I used to watch this show all the time when I was growing up, and Spinelli was such an inspirational character. She was tough as nails, and didn't take crap from anyone, which is something I aspire to. This pin may show a cuter version of her, but don't let your guard down, she can still hurt you. 

6) Magical Wands Buttons by Cosmic Queers Crafts

These incredible Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura inspired pins are perfect for putting on your book bag, jacket, or sticking into a corkboard to admire. Made by a family of queer artists, you can keep good about wearing these pins and knowing you supported an awesome and inclusive brand! 

7) Nickelodeon Studios Enamel Pin by The Foxy Hipster

Ahh, good ol' Nickelodeon. With such shows as Hey Arnold, CatDog! and Rugrats, NickJr. was a great place for TV as a kid who was born in the 90's. This pin is a rendition of the Nickelodeon Studios building, bringing back memories for most people who grew up in the 90's. 

8) CCS Snowglobe Enamel Pin by Duludulu Design

This super sweet snowglobe pin is an adorable representation of Cardcaptor Sakura's main (human) characters, Sakura and Syaoran. This enamel pin is part of Duludulu Design's Shoujo Snowglobe series. 

9) Neopets Canvas Zipper Pouch by Dream Cream Co.


This super cute canvas pouch features Neggs and Novas from the world of Neopia! I don't know about you, by Meerca Chase was my favorite of the mini-games in the Neopets Arcade, and that involved picking up as many Neggs as I could without getting tangled up or hitting a wall. This pouch makes me want to relive those days all over again! 

10) Squad Goals Scooby Doo Enamel Pin by Dbits Shop

Scooby Doody Doo, where are you? I couldn't finish this list of 90's cartoons without including Scooby Doo, and this enamel pin is such a cute version with the whole gang there! 

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