10 Presents for the Animal Lover in Your Life - Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Animal lovers, rejoice! This gift guide is dedicated to all things cats, dogs, and furry friends in between. The products featured on this list won't specifically be for animals, but rather will be items that the humans can wear that represent their love of animals. 

Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses. 

1) Cat Lady Sticker by Art by Rachel S

How cute is this Cat Lady sticker? This adorable kitty cat is complete with a collar and a bell (I love the bell, it's such a good touch) and is perfect for sticking on an assortment of things (water bottles? laptops?). Even if this kitty isn't the color of your kitty, you could always color in your kitty's markings and make it personalized! 

2) Bones Glitter Resin Drop Earrings by Erstwilder

These adorable bone earrings are perfect for showing off your love of all animals or your love of Halloween, either way. These cuties make me think of assorted dog treats, because for some reason they are almost always bone-shaped. 

3) Aspiring Stay At Home Cat Dad Enamel Pin by Kate Gabrielle 

Why should women get all the fun of owning a cat? It's cool to be a Cat Dad too, and this Cat Dad pin says it all! With COVID-19, more and more people have been working from home, and I cannot even imagine how distracting it would be to try and work when your precious fuzzy is napping nearby, so a stay at home cat parent seems like the ideal solution. If only you could get paid while doing so.... 

4) Mini Pastel Frog Emojis Sticker Sheet by Yume Moon Studio

If you love froggies, this set of stickers is perfect for you. These little froggies all have different emoji-inspired faces, and they are great for planners, journals, and so much more! 

5) Cuddly Kitty in Mug Enamel Pin by Tiny Forester

This tiny kitty is all snuggly wuggly in a muggly wuggly, complete with a ball of yarn. This pin makes a perfect gift for all kitty cat fans. Look at how cute it is. Eeeeh. 

6) Cute Cow Vinyl Sticker by Guts & Glitter

This cow is soooo cute! Cows are such a cute animal in general, but in cartoon form, they are perfection *chefs kiss*. This sticker is perfect for all animal lovers, especially those who love bright and bold colors. 

7) Cat Person Achievement Badge Pack by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

If you or someone who know has ever dealt with a cat, then you deserve this Cat Person Achievement Badge pack. Featuring the following achievement badges, this pack is perfect for anyone who has had to deal with the misbehavings of cats: We Can't Have Nice Things; Covered In Cat Hair; Cat Sick Cleaner; Human Scratching Post (I can personally attest to all of these things as a cat owner, it's a good thing they are adorable). 

8) K's Keyboard Kats by Darah and the Creatures

If you use the computer for any length of time, and let's be honest, with COVID-19 a lot of people are working from home, this Keyboard Kat is the perfect addition to your home office that makes typing all day a breeze. The perfect length to rest your wrists on while you work, this kitty is both adorable and functional, making it the perfect gift. 

9) Yin Yang Kitty T-Shirt by Em and Sprout

Want a super soft t-shirt that shows off your love of balance (one kitty in each arm)? This Yin Yang Kitty t-shirt from Em and Sprout is made of super soft material that only gets softer as you wash it, making it your new favorite shirt to wear around the house, because let's be honest, if we are staying home anyways, we may as well look cute and be comfy! 

10) Are You Kitten Me Tote Bag by BC SPCA

Okay, okay. I am cheating a little bit on this one because this isn't exactly a small shop, but it is my local animal rescue and they are so wonderful so I wanted to share them as well. I have gotten my last two dogs from the BC SPCA and my boys have been super healthy and happy and lived long, wonderful lives. Pre-COVID, my favorite activity was to go and spend an afternoon petting the cats in the shelter, and I miss doing that a lot. If you have a local shelter, please consider purchasing from them this holiday as they are so essential to the welfare of animals. BC SPCA is a no-kill shelter, and they have a large number of locations around the province, so there is always a shelter near you. One of the interesting things that they do is occasionally they will rotate the animals in the shelters so that there is a better chance of that animal being adopted. They usually have a pretty low number of animals in the shelter at a time, at least at my local shelter, and that is because people are adopting them. It's wonderful to see the animals being taken care of, and I will absolutely be getting my next pet from the SPCA (when it's time, it's not time yet.) 

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