10 Nerdy Canadian Businesses to Get Your Christmas Presents From - Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Supporting small businesses has never been as important as it is this year, and so I have compiled a list of 10 nerdy Canadian businesses to consider shopping from. All of these businesses are incredible, and all of their products are amazing. 

Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses. 

1) Glitter Bones Boutique

Glitter Bones Boutique

Glitter Bones Boutique is a Toronto-based business that combines cute and spooky into one cohesive brand. Nikki, the owner of Glitter Bones, is an accomplished designer and creates a wide variety of gorgeous products, including enamel pins, berets, and clothing! 

Featured Product: Decora Kawaii Bandaid Enamel Pin 

Decora Kawaii Bandaid Enamel Pin

2) TwinkleToeBeans


TwinkleToeBeans was founded by Toni Rose, a dental assistant-turned-artist who wanted to make her patients' smile with custom stickers. Now a full time artist, she strives to make your day cuter with designs inspired by every day life with a touch of Twinkle. 

Featured Product: Boba Tea Favorite Trio Sticker Set

Boba Tea Favorite Trio Sticker Set

3) Dill Pickle Doodles

Dill Pickle Doodles

Dill Pickle Doodles is a sassy and sweet lifestyle brand inspired by a childish imagination and pastel goodness. All of the products are absolutely adorable and feature super cute and lovable designs. 

Featured Product: Partners of Justice - Officer Jenny and Growlithe Enamel Pin

Partners of Justice - Officer Jenny and Growlithe Enamel Pin

4) Sugarbones


Sugarbones is a candy coated art & lifestyle brand centered around contrasting the dark & the delightful, wrapping it up in a satin pink bow and sprinkling glitter on top. Sugarbones is about being fiercely empowered & unapologetically femme. It is about the power of pink, the spirit in sexuality, and the mischief in magic. Everything within the Sugarbones realm is designed, illustrated, and fulfilled by Cheyenne Federiconi, a Canadian artist based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

Featured Product: Bath Token Key/Purse Charm

Bath Token Key/Purse Charm

5) CJ Art Canada

CJ Art Canada

If you are a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, then you will absolutely LOVE CJ Art Canada. Yes, she makes lots of other incredible products, but CCS is kind of her speciality. Case in point, this featured product: her bestselling Cardcaptor Sakura Ita Bag! 

Featured Product: CSS Ita Bag

CSS Ita Bag

6) Critter Roles

Critter Roles

Critter Roles has a wide variety of handmade products for nerds of all ages, including pacifier clips, dice bags, outlet covers, and more. All items are made by Chela, the owner of Critter Roles, and are made with licensed fabric. 

Featured Product: RPG Drawstring Dice Bag Made of Pink Pikachu Fabric

 RPG Drawstring Dice Bag Made of Pink Pikachu Fabric

7) Wyndstar Creations

Wyndstar Creations

Wyndstar Creations is a collection of handmade jewelry, accessories, and decor. From chainmaille dicebags and jewelry to machine embroidered bookmarks and decor, there's something for everyone!

Featured Product: Mario Mushroom Cross Stitch Keychain

Mario Mushroom Cross Stitch Keychain

8) Tawny Illustrations

Tawny Illustrations

Tawny Illustrations is an Ontario-based shop that specializes in kawaii and magical artwork. With everything from kitty cats to video game themed items, Tawny Illustrations has something for every magical girl and boy! 

Featured Product: Holographic Kawaii Switch Sticker

Holographic Kawaii Switch Sticker

9) Dazz Shop CA

Dazz Shop CA

Dazz is the owner of this shop and makes some incredibly adorable Studio Ghibli and Pokemon inspired products, as well as other Japanese and cat inspired cuties. I am kind of in love with all of their products. 

Featured Product: Cute Anime Movie Inspired Vinyl Stickers

Cute Anime Movie Inspired Vinyl Stickers

10) Stephanie Chinn Art

Last, but certainly not least is Stephanie Chinn Art! Stephanie is an incredibly talented graphic designer who creates some amazingly inspirational pieces. Although her work isn't "nerdy" per se, it is bold and colorful and full of positive vibes that everyone needs in their life. 

Featured Product: Body Magic Pink T-Shirt

Body Magic Pink T-Shirt

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