10 MORE Sailor Moon Products To Make Your Holidays Magical! - Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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If you are a Sailor Moon lover, this gift guide is perfect for you! Featuring 10 amazing Sailor Moon (and co.) inspired gifts, this list is a great starting place for all of the moonies on your list this season! When researching for the first list of Sailor Moon products, I found so many amazing items I had to create a second list! 

Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses. 

1) Floral Luna Sticker by Jenn Illustrations

I had to start this list off with my favorite character of the Sailor Moon series, Luna! Not only is she a cat (yay!) but she is wise and clever and sassy as heck. Fun fact, I dressed up as Sailor Moon for Halloween when I was 5 and I had a Luna plushy to round out the look. This sticker is just so sparkly and cute and amazing, so it's perfect for all of my fellow Luna lovers out there! 

2) Pastel Moon Kitty Pin by Adorkabows

Diana seems to get missed the most when it comes to merchandise, so this pin is such a cute nod to the daughter of Luna and Artemis. These pins are super high quality and the attention to detail is absolutely stunning. They also have a wide assortment of other characters in bow format, so this is a great shop for all Sailor Moon fans! 

3) Huffy Usagi Holographic Sticker by Cosmic Buns Art

She may be the protector of the moon and all of that jazz, but Usagi is still a teenager and teenagers have EMOTIONS! This sticker embraces Usagi in a "huffy" mood, where she looks like someone may have told her they are all out of snacks. I know that's the face I make, especially when someone tells me I ate all of the snacks. 

4) Luna Sleeps Enamel Pin by Stami Studios

Ahh, finally. Some well-deserved rest after fighting evil all night long. She may be all-powerful, but Luna needs sleep too. In fact, your average cat sleeps 18 hours a day, so I can only imagine how much sleep Luna needs after a battle. 

5) Star Moon Bow Enamel Pin by Black Wanda Shop

Show off your inner magical girl (or guy, or non-binary individual) with this Star Moon Bow enamel pin. Made in pastel colors, this pin is perfect for wearing on your bag, jacket, or putting up for display on a pin board. 

6) Cosmic Heart Enamel Pins by Natty Cat Pins

Okay, these pins are just too beautiful so I couldn't choose one to feature, but you can get them all as a set for a reduced price! This was the first Kickstarter I ever backed, and boy am I did! I personally got Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, and the kitties, but all of the options are absolutely stunning and none of them are a bad choice. 

7) Sailor Jupiter Cup Cozy by Cosplay Cups

Keep your drink warm and your hands cool with these incredible handmade cup cozies, all inspired by your favorite characters. This particular one is based on Sailor Jupiter, making it perfect for fans of the Guardian of Thunder! 

8) Moon Wand Keychain by Venus Luna Creations

If you have always wanted your own Moon Wand, then this resin keychain is a great piece for you. Made as a shaker, it has movable interior pieces that will keep you mesmerized for hours (or is that just me?) 

9) Fire Scout Pins by Joanna Behar

Inspired by Sailor Mars, this pin set features a sword and shield, a perfect representation of the Guardian of Fire. This set is subtle enough to wear on a regular basis, but nerdy enough that someone who knows, knows. 

10) Sailor Jupasaur by inomnomcom

It's a Pokemon, it's a Sailor Scout, it's... Sailor Jupasaur? This silly combo of Sailor Jupiter and Bulbasaur is too cute to pass up, it makes me smile every time I look at it! 

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