10 MORE Gift Ideas For The Disney Lovers on Your List! - Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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If you or someone you love has been seriously missing the Disney parks this year, then this gift guide is exactly where you need to look for holiday shopping! All of these items are offered by small businesses, and help to support real people instead of large corporations.

Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses. 

1) Mickey Balloon Ornaments by Neverland Mermaid Designs

Inspired by the incredible Mickey Mouse balloons that you can get in Disneyland (I'm obsessed), these ornaments are a permanent keepsake that lets you relive all of your Disney memories every December. They come in various colors, so check them all out! 

2) Eeyore Hard Enamel Pin by Tabauble

This depressed boy is integral to the Winnie The Pooh character line-up, and as someone who lives with mental illness every day, I love that the gang always invites Eeyore, even if he doesn't feel up to attending. This pin is a sweet version of everyone's favorite sad donkey, a permanent reminder that depression is only part of us, not all of us. 

3) Walt Enamel Pin by Be Magical Studio

Walt Disney is the genius who started it all, so it's only reasonable to include this pin in the list of Disney things. Without his creativity and imagination, there would be so much less happiness in the world. Thanks Walt. 

4) Punzie Teacup Sticker by Castle Babe

What do you get when you cross Alice in Wonderland with Rapunzel? Punzie's Teacups, of course! This sticker features a stack of Rapunzel themed teacups, complete with Pascal and the incredible lanterns! 

5) Pegasus Enamel Pin by Moledro Craft Co. 

Love Hercules? Well then you'll love this enamel pin based on his personal steed. This pin features Pegasus in baby form, which is undeniably the cutest form! 

6) Dalmatian Dame Heart Acrylic Earrings by Artistic Flavorz

Finally, I am getting some Disney villains up in here! These earrings are inspired by Cruella De Ville, and while I do not admire her methods or practices, she certainly is a stylish lady. These earrings are perfect for closet cosplay or wearing on the daily as they are a subtle nod to the character without being too obvious. If you know, you know! 

7) Colors Print by Critterosity Shop

Inspired by Pocahontas, this beautiful print takes all the colors of the wind and paints them into bold and brilliant shapes and designs, making the whole thing a masterpiece to look at. If you didn't know it was from a movie, you might just think it was a creative painting. 

8) Magical Backpack Enamel Pin by Lula Rocks

Take this incredibly cute backpack pin with you everywhere you go by putting it on your backpack. BACKPACK-CEPTION! 

9) Don't Bottle It Up Mental Health Print by Carmen Szeto Draws

This gorgeous print takes the characters of the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out and turns it into a motivational and mental health awareness poster. Emotions are perfectly normal, and it's important to feel the whole range of them, so don't bottle them up! 

10) Wizard Hat Keychain by Alice Vitrum

Straight from the front doors of Disneyland Resort and the magical world of Fantastia, this wizard hat is almost as iconic as the mouse who wears it, and it an incredibly cute way to show off your love of Disney without having Mickey and Minnie all over your stuff. 

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