10 Fictional Food and Drinks I Want to Try IRL.

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I belong to a group on Facebook called BizBaz Alliance, which is a group for artists, writers, and other forms of entrepreneurs to chat and to discuss topics they find interesting. This week, one of the admins posted an interesting questions: Which fictional food or drink would you want to try in real life? Well, this is a list of 10 Fictional Food and Drinks I Want to Try IRL. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Butterbeer, Harry Potter


Now I realize that Butterbeer is a drink that can now be found in real life, if you travel to one of the Universal Studios locations there are hot and cold options available in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; however, there is no way for us mere muggles to ever sample the ACTUAL Butterbeer, simply because it is a wizarding beverage. I like to think that there is a component to the beverage similar to Amortentia, where the Butterbeer may taste slightly different to ever drinker (perhaps in alcoholic content or sweetness). Even if there was no magical component, which I highly doubt, the Butterbeer available to us is simply an interpretation. Unless someone who had actually consumed Butterbeer from Hog’s Head Inn was able to sample some from Wizarding World, I remain unconvinced of its authenticity. That doesn’t mean I won’t try it when I make my way to Universal, oh no. I fully intend to sample some, I just won’t take it as 100% authentic brew.

  1. Lembas Bread, Lord of the Rings


Although we never really find out what Lembas Bread is supposed to taste like, the fact that one small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man makes it a pretty appealing option. As long as it provided sufficient nutrition, it would be a great alternative to protein bars and shakes for those who are on the go or who are just so busy they forget to have proper meals. Plus, it looks like pita bread or another type of flatbread and that sounds delicious!

  1. Second Breakfast, Lord of the Rings


Okay, okay. Second breakfast isn’t technically a food in itself, but it sounds like a fun time nonetheless! It would be delightful to spend a day following the eating habits of Merry and Pippin, although I am sure even the most experienced foodie would have a sore tummy at the end of the day. Thankfully, they also do a lot of drinking and dancing, so you would be able to burn off some of those calories in no time!

  1. Cheesy Blasters, 30 Rock


I have never actually seen 30 Rock, so the confusingly greasy-sounding concoction of Cheesy Blasters is a relatively new concept to me, but it sounds like the ultimate drunk food. As described by Liz Lemon, “you take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza, you got Cheesy Blasters!" I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an awesome fair food idea to me. It’s not something I would want to eat more than once a year, perhaps not even more than once, but the idea sounds hilarious and cheesy and delicious. I will say that I only eat hot dogs about once a year, so I am perfectly fine replacing my standard annual hot dog with this monstrosity!

  1. Ned’s Hot Cocoa, The Simpsons


Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but for the most part I do not like The Simpsons. I was not allowed to watch it when I was growing up (I think I watched my first episode when I was 17) and once I did watch it, I didn’t see that much charm from it. Homer is not a great father, and Bart just annoys me. But I did watch The Simpsons Movie with a friend, and I really enjoyed the kindness that Ned offered to Bart with this hot cocoa. Not only that, the homemade creation looked absolutely decadent and lovely. Seriously, a toasted marshmallow delicately balanced on top of the cookie? Pure magic.

  1. Lickable Wallpaper, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


It’s wallpaper that has different flavors. That sounds fantastic. I would not want this on my walls in my house, but if I was offered the opportunity to sample some, it would be hard to pass up. Unless someone else had already licked that section of wall….I may be rethinking my decision here. I also wonder if the same section of wallpaper would taste the same to different people. Does the flavor stay forever or after a certain amount of licking would the flavor dissipate? I have so many questions!

  1. Naco, Kim Possible


Is it a taco? Is it nachos? It’s both! This hilariously messy combination of foods created by Ron Stoppable just sounds hilarious and much like Cheesy Blasters, it sounds like an excellent drunk food. I would lean towards the version that has lettuce and tomato in the Naco, but that is because I like having some semblance of vegetables in my food.

  1. Kronk’s Spinach Puffs, The Emperor’s New Groove


“My spinach puffs!” Although this is the only mention to the baked treat in the movie, anyone who has a hankering for savory appetizers has likely thought about what these spinach puffs would taste like. I assume they are similar to spanakopita in flavor, although they look to have more of a puffy, doughy texture than a flaky phyllo (which makes sense, seeing as they are spinach PUFFS, not spinach flakeys). I also happen to love this movie, and spinach puffs seem like a more delicious option than the Llama potion.

  1. Buddy's Spaghetti, Elf


Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, m&m’s, spaghetti, and tomato sauce. Now doesn’t that just sound like a fun combination of things to eat? While I’m not sure if the tomato sauce component would fit in (yes, that’s the problem here), I must say that plain noodles as a base for excessive amounts of candy and sugar does sound like a little kid’s dream come true. Would I want this instead of pasta for regular meals? Heck no. Would I want to try it once?  I think so. If I ever make it I will let you know, but don’t expect this to happen for a good, long time.

  1. Ramen, Ponyo


Studio Ghibli films have a reputation for not only incredibly beautiful animation and storytelling, but incredible looking food, and the ramen from Ponyo is no exception. I have only been eating proper Japanese ramen for a couple of years (as opposed to instant ramen) but it always looks beautiful and full of flavor, and this iconic ramen from Ponyo is no exception. Look at the egg, look at the ham! Excuse me while I clean up the drool….

And there you have it! A list of 10 Fictional Food and Drinks I Want to Try IRL! Share your favorites down in the comments and let’s talk about which fictional food and drinks you would want to try! Thanks for reading!

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