10 British Columbia Businesses for All The Geeks on Your List - Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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If you or your loved one lives in British Columbia and wants to shop some local, geeky businesses this holiday season, look no further! This gift guide features 10 British Columbia businesses that sell incredibly geeky things, making it even easier to shop local and small this holiday season. 

Note: All of the opinions of these products and shops are completely my own, I am not being paid to promote any of these products or shops and none of the links are affiliate links. I make no money by sharing these businesses, I am sharing these in order to bring more attention to some incredible shops and hopefully spread the love for small businesses. 

1) Cube Dudes

Cube Dudes

Cube Dudes is the BEST place to get nerdy handmade cards and papercrafts, with Bill making all of the pieces by hand in his home office. With everything from Dudes (papercraft figures) to pop-up cards and gift tags, Cube Dudes has you covered. 

Featured Product: Holiday Greeting Dude - TARDIS Card

Holiday Greeting Dude - TARDIS Card

2) Dead Cute Pins

Dead Cute Pins

Dead Cute Pins offers some super cute (heh) pins (wow) and accessories, all with a fandom spin. With everything from Mario to Studio Ghibli, Dead Cute covers all the fandoms you can imagine. 

Featured Product: Soot Heart Enamel Pin V2

Soot Heart Enamel Pin V2

3) Carmen Szeto Draws

Carmen Szeto Draws

Carmen Szeto is an incredible artist that specializes in hand lettering and illustration, and that is reflected in her artwork. With everything from mental health prints (like the featured product below) to fandom stickers and pins, this shop has everything you need if you are a fan of cuteness! 

Featured Product: Inside Out "Don't Bottle It Up" Mental Health Art Print

Inside Out "Don't Bottle It Up" Mental Health Art Print

4) Pindie Gamer

Pindie Gamer

Pindie Gamer is an incredible indie pin company based in Vancouver, BC that focuses on enamel pins based on Nintendo and Anime. They also offer some adorable plushies as well as washi tape. 

Featured Product: Princess Peach Enamel Pin

Princess Peach Enamel Pin

5) Snow Rabbit Co. 

Snow Rabbit Co.

Snow Rabbit Co. is a company that was founded on the basis of wanting to provide an alternative  to pop-culture inspired casual- and street-wear to what is currently on the market. With all of their products made from sustainable materials, and everything being made locally (most of it in-house), you can feel comfortable (literally) wearing the incredible pieces made by Snow Rabbit Co., knowing all of the pieces are ethically and sustainably made.   

Featured Product: Oversized Mid-Sleeve Crop Top

Oversized Mid-Sleeve Crop Top

6) Charlie Ngo Art

Charlie Ngo Art

If you love cute bunnies and soft pastels, then you will love Charlie Ngo's artwork. Featuring a variety of "Buns at Home" in different rooms around the house, as well as other adorable pastel prints and keychains, this shop is a pastel paradise. 

Featured Product: Craft Room Art Print

Craft Room Art Print

7) Darah and the Creatures

Darah and the Creatures

Does year-round Halloween sound like your happy place, then you need to check out Darah & The Creatures! Comprised of Katie and Anis, a dynamic duo from Vancouver, BC, Darah and the Creatures offers a wide variety of cute and spooky earrings, keyboard cats, purses, scrunchies, hair bows, and more! 

Featured Product: Luna/Artemis Keyboard Kat

Luna/Artemis Keyboard Kat

8) The Spangle Maker

The Spangle Maker

Looking for a great gift for a nerdy human on your list? Check out The Spangle Maker, a local shop that offers a wide variety of fandom jewelry for all ages and budgets! With everything from Game of Thrones to Supernatural, you can check off multiple from your list in one swoop! 

Featured Product: Supernatural Keychain

Supernatural Keychain

9) Stay Shiny Jewellery 

Stay Shiny Jewellery

Rachel of Stay Shiny Jewellery is an incredibly talented metalsmith who crafts her own charms and pieces for her jewelry, each piece made entirely by hand. Her pieces are both nerdy and beautiful, making them a gorgeous statement piece suitable for any occasion. 

Featured Product: Original Star Trek Pendant

Original Star Trek Pendant

10) Nocturna Designs

Nocturna Designs

Resin lovers, look no further! Ashi of Nocturna Designs makes jewelry, accessories, and trinkets all with a dark twist. With everything from planchettes to coasters, and in an assortment of patterns and colors, Ashi has all of your resin needs covered. 

Featured Product: Blue and Purple Moth Trays

Blue and Purple Moth Trays

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