12 Amazing Queer-Owned Businesses to Support this Pride Month!

Posted by Katrina Darwin on

As June rolls around, you might have noticed large corporations changing their logos to rainbows, adding the LGBTQ+ acronym to some of their marketing, and overall making it seem as though they are supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, most of these large companies are doing it only as a cash-grab, a way to lure queer people into thinking that they are allies when in fact they are just looking to cash in on the Pride Month pandemonium. 

What is a queer to do? Well, the best way is to support small businesses that are actually owned by queer people, and that is why I made this list! 

Note: All of the opinions in this article are my own. I have not been sent products or paid to promote any particular brand. The shops on this list are listed in alphabetical order to minimize any personal bias or favoritism.

  1. Art by Rachel S – Cartoon and zine artist with a focus on nature and mental health
  2. Crow and Sparkle – mixed metal and wood jewelry
  3. Griot Goods – Handmade resin wares, 3D prints, and k*nk items
  4. KelZo – Queer statement jewellery
  5. Meg Emiko Art - art and apparel that represents and fights for the QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities
  6. Minichelle Designs – Pronoun and pride flag buttons and accessories made by a queer Latinx artist
  7. Not a Phase Shop – Lesbian owned and operated shop that sells LGBTQIA+ items
  8. Tat2dQuilter – one of a kind scrappy quilts for people and cats
  9. The Crafty Queer – Art, activism, and more for all your LGBTQ affirming needs
  10. Twinkle Toe Beans – Cute and kawaii accessories, stickers, water bottles, and more.
  11. Yas Petit Poulet - art that focuses on exploring queer identities through the lens of science.
  12. Yerpers – A crafty queer business selling stickers, needlepoint art, and more.

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