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Welcome to The Geekery, your one-stop shop for nerdy gifts and goodies including wallets, stuffed animals, keychains, slippers, and more! The Geekery aims to offer a wide selection of products from a variety of fandoms, in order to appease the nerd in us all! We are always open to suggestions for products and fandoms, so please subscribe to our newsletter for updates and contact us with ideas! 

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Come and join me on Instagram for frequent business updates and random life updates. Come join the community and interact with me on a regular basis! 

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If you are at a convention or a market and you ever feel unsafe, please come and find The Geekery! We are a safe space for everyone, no matter your race, sexual identity, gender, or fandom preference. If you are ever feeling unsafe online, feel free to send us a message and we will be there for you. 

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